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I am an International Candid wedding photographer based in Bangalore, India but happily serve all of the world. Though my studio is located in Bangalore my heart (and portfolio) reflects my love for beauty, the definition of which alters as one move from places to places. I’m not only a Bangalore based Wedding Photographer; I have travelled the world capturing weddings (covered almost all states in India, Colombo -Srilanka , Penang -Malaysia), and making friends across.

Dreamer/ Travel Enthusiast/ Absolute lover of drama (especially those around weddings)/ Believer of supernatural powers in Entertainers (Which means that there is only one God and he is known to us mortals as Rajnikant)

As a serious dreamer, the best dream I have ever had was that of a life which I could lead on my own terms. The first step, I realised, to this was to find my passion and work on it for the rest of my life. As a decently educated individual, I tried my hands at various career options starting from being a techie to selling plants. While each of these helped me pay my bills, my heart yearned for more. Photography was a hobby all that while and then with a little bit of push from my friends and family, I decided to be a full time wedding photographer. I let my dreams steer me toward my hopes and it resulted in taking a risk I’m proud of. Today I’m an international candid wedding photographer living in Bangalore with my wife, mother in law, and our dog, Simba. I specialize in candid wedding photography.

At this point in my life, I’m known for two things above all – As wedding photographer who made the bride and groom kiss each other at a Tam-bram wedding and as a photographer who shot it!

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Prathyusha & Nagarjuna

Vivek was recommended by a friend and when we saw his work, we were immediately impressed. He was very prompt with his replies and we had everything in place in a very short time. During the wedding, he worked patiently to capture some really beautiful moments. Thorough professionalism throughout. The pictures were delivered on time and came out really well.He was everything that we looked for in a wedding photographer. They were spontaneous, fun and clearly captured our happiness.

Sowmya and Prashant

There aren’t enough superlatives that do justice to Vivek’s invaluable work in capturing beautiful moments of our wedding. We went out to hire a photographer, and in Vivek we found a dear friend. Vivek artfully captures the explosion of emotions, expressions, and delicate intricate familial moments that come with a wedding. Though we also hired a conventional wedding photographer as well, it is Vivek’s candid photography that we find ourselves returning to time and again; and each time we find the magic of our wedding recreated. Vivek is blessed to ply a trade in which he captures beautiful memories for families to return to over generations, and he is truly a master at his chosen trade.”

Aparna and Sanjay

“Vivek is a dear friend and a brilliant Photographer”. When he offered to shoot my wedding, I agreed, although I hadn’t seen too much of his work. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely satisfied with the end results. The pictures were fun, natural, unique and captured the moments so perfectly , I couldn’t have asked for anything better. He is extremely hard working and earnest and takes his work very seriously. His easy going nature put us at ease during all the wedding madness and we had such a blast , which is very evident from the pictures. I can’t thank him enough for making us look so lovely. Truly one of the most talented photographers I’ve seen in a while.

Sindhu & Raviteja

My wife and I have been together for almost 7 years before getting married, and we wanted the perfect candid wedding photographer to capture the most precious moments of our life. After weeks of relentless research, we came across Vivek Krishnan, who shot one of my wife’s friend’s wedding. Our first impression was that he immaculately captures people’s expressions better than anyone out there. So, he became our obvious choice. Well, he did not disappoint. We had to wait for a month to receive the pictures (filled with lots of apprehension and concern) and we were quite ecstatic the moment we saw them. We consider ourselves quite unphotogenic, but Vivek has done a great job in capturing every single moment of genuine happiness, and how he does that, I still don’t get it.He is the best candid wedding photographer in Bangalore.

Anjali & Neeraj

Vivek was the first wedding photographer my (now) husband and I contacted to shoot our wedding. Admittedly, we went about contacting several candid wedding photographers after Vivek but never found anyone who’s work truly matched our vision like his did. There were some photos on Vivek’s website that were unique and unforgettable. And we went for it. We signed him on and we are so glad we did. We made a new friend in the process. And the result – we had a warm,professional, friendly photographer at our wedding who truly understood the vibe our album should reflect and he made it happen. Each photograph clicked at our wedding has a glow (not from the lighting), a soul and it transports us to that very moment in time – we relive the memory with so much joy and contentment. Thanks Vivek – it was a delight.

Tina & Paul

I couldn’t possibly have asked for more than what Vivek did with my wedding pictures! Such amazing class and elegance is what he can bring to the table! I’m still amazed as to how he can capture expressions so beautifully! Thanks Vivek for doing my wedding pics so well and being the best wedding photographer.One year later and I’m still awestruck with them!!

Priscilla & Ganesh

I found Vivek krishnan Photography accidentally while surfing Facebook and have been following his work for some time. I liked all his photos, work and candid moments. I shared the page to my husband when we were discussing to choose our wedding photographer . Personally I do not have intention to bring him down since we are based in Malaysia and Vivek is from India. One day, my husband told me that Vivek is travelling globally as photographer and he already contacted him. I was so delighted and touched as he willing to bring one of my favourite candid wedding photographer on my special day. Both of us are not photogenic but Vivek did his magical touch to bring the best in both of us. We would like to thank Vivek for his fun, great and chicky captures. Viewing each photos bringing back the moments on the Big Day.Thanks again Vivek and hope to see you again someday…

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