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Author: Vivek

Kerala best wedding photographer

101 On Candid Wedding Photography!

Communication is the key to any successful collaboration. And as you are stepping in the most important collaboration of your lives, marriage, this becomes utmost important. So let’s do that in every step of planning that celebration! Trust me when I say that if every...

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Kitna deti hai?

India is a country obsessed with mileage, and bargaining is practically our National Sport (anyone wants to start an online campaign for that?). I have a fixed rate list for my services and I never over-quote myself. When a prospective client tried to bargain and...

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candid wedding photographer

No mo FoMO

Wedding bells are ringing, the birds are chirping, there’s a fresh smell of jasmine in the air, and you’re freaking out? That’s an accurate way to describe the post engagement period for most brides and grooms, I guess. Every decision you make during this period...

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