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we are a team of international destination wedding photography, pre-wedding photography and cinematography professionals dedicated to ensuring you re-live your special day for decades to come. We pride ourselves on our ability to capture moments with great detail, provide impeccable service and promise impressive timelines for quality deliveries.

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Vartika & Swaroop -
" They make you feel very comfortable around them and especially if you are camera conscious, they make an extra effort to get you all eased up and take your pictures patiently. The entire team is hardworking and extremely dedicated to their work. We had lots of back to back events and a tight schedule and they captured every moment of it without any hesitation. They not only focus on the bride and groom, but also spend a lot of time with their families and friends taking beautiful and memorable pictures."

Candid wedding image of bride in Mysore

Adrika and Parthiv :-
"Vivek and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with. I had gone through some of their work and really loved this one wedding they had shot, after which I decided to meet them. Vivek was also really quick to respond with costs and delivery terms and timelines, everything was clear and transparent from the beginning. But more importantly when we met them, we got a really nice easy friendly vibe and I had read somewhere that thats really important when choosing your photographers. So basically, right from the start - from getting all the formalities done, to the wedding and even after - they were a breeze. Infact i had forgotten to brief them on who the close friends and family are - to make sure they get covered, but vivek and his team -blended in and figured it out themselves from the very first event. Each event has a different feel and vibe to it in the way they have captured it. And maybe I was just lucky or maybe they’re the fastest ever, but I got my pictures literally in 3weeks or so.... really UNHEARD of !! And they are all so lovely, I keep looking at them every now and them ☺️"

best emotional moment of a bride

Rajashree & Swadhin :-
"Most hardworking and diligent team I came across. The whole experience was smooth and beautiful. We didn't meet before the wedding but the whole team just got on as they were known faces which made the photography more comfortable. I cant pick on one thing I didn't like about them. They involve the crowd and they just know the right things to make your day. So hardworking and you can see that in the photos. They were just out right beautiful. Not for once would I trade my experience with the team with anything else. I strongly recommend them. Kudos to the team"


Sahana & Pratyoush :-
"Vivek Krishnan’s team is incredible! They are so skilled and fun to work with. They are an extremely professional bunch of photographers and videographers and were extremely accommodating to all our requests. The team was always on time for all the events and captured the wedding beautifully. They came up with some clever and creative ways of using the surroundings in their photography. They did a great job of capturing equal footage of the bride’s and groom’s side. Everyone in our family is in love with the photos and even more in love with the wedding film— where the angles, precious moments and music was so perfectly curated. We couldnt be happier! Thank you to this awesome team!!! "


Pankaja & Jogi :-
"Vivek Krishnan photography team is just 💯🔥 it’s very rare guests actually take notice of the photographers and talk about them because they really did bring out the best in all of us and not just the bride and groom! They made us all laugh and were so eager to take pictures experimenting on different photography techniques and the results were just brilliant! What I appreciated more was that both my partner and I are awkward posers and the whole time the team was patient with us and guided us to bring out the best! The team really deserves all the mentions and success - Everyone was thrilled with the pictures you guys took, so a big thank you from all is us! Highly recommend Vivek Krishnan photography- they are lit af! "