Wedding details for Wedding Album

When it comes to wedding photography, nothing is ever enough. From posed to candid photography, there are umpteen moments that need to be captured. But there are few details that every wedding album must have according to us. These are the moments that make the big picture. So, today we dish out the secrets on capturing the 10 most important wedding details for an album! 

Bridal Portraits

These are a must-do! Most brides want posed pictures, but ensure that you get them right in terms of composition and lighting. Don’t settle for pictures taken just after getting ready or while getting ready. Take out 10-15 mins of the bride’s time to take a few classic portrait images in her room or may be in an outdoor space. 

Wedding details for Wedding Album

Family Portraits

While the family of the bride/groom is the single most important element of any wedding, they are also the busiest. Talk to the families before all the events and block sometime in each event to click family portraits. They will thank you for it later! 


Weddings are the one time when everyone is together (and happy!) so use this situation well. Get 3-4 generations of mothers, uncles (everyone available!) and get pictures with 4-different generations clicked together with the bride and groom. For example – Bride, her sister her mom and her grand mom or you can add a niece or great-grand mom to the line up! 


Don’t forget the mini-details. It may be an heirloom necklace that has been passed down through generations or a customised wedding shoe for the wedding. These little details add a lot of character to your entire wedding album at the end. 


What would any bride or groom do without their friends? These are also the people who are ready to do some crazy stuff if you want to experiment. Make sure that you get some fun and wild shots with their separate gangs. Think, a complete gang jumping into the pool together at the pool party! 


If you are shooting a destination wedding or a wedding at an amazing location, take advantage of it to create stunning landscape images with the couple. In all their finery, a landscape shot looks absolutely mesmerising! 

Bride’s Farewell

This is an extremely emotional moment for many brides and their families. While you may think that you are being intrusive, these are the moments that they will cherish or maybe even laughing about later. Do ensure that you are maintaining distance for this private moment though while capturing it. 

First Shot As Mr And Mrs

This is a shot of pure joy! We ensure we get one immediately after the pheras or ‘I do’s’ are said. This is the moment where the groom and bride are at their happiest and that reflects on their face. 

Candid Moment of bride and groom

Parents During Pheras/Ceremony 

While the wedding ceremony or rituals are going on, everyone’s focus is on the couple. You focus on the parents! This is a very touching moment for them – to see their little kids grow up and get married. 

The Not So Important Moments

Wedding photographers are usually focused on creating images of the special moments like pheras, first kiss, jaimala. Pay attention to the not so important moments too. Where nothing is happening, that’s where you will get your pure candid photographs. It can include guests too! 

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