The task of finding an ideal wedding photographer can be overwhelming. We agree! An unfamiliar task for many couples, finding the right photographer can be a stressful choice for them.

However, one can make it a simpler and an easy task to approach if you ask yourself some of these useful questions before hiring a wedding photographer –  

Q1. What style of photography do I prefer?

Spend some time researching and familiarizing yourself with the different styles of photography that are out there. Are you drawn to candid photography? Is traditional photography more of your style? Find out which one appeals to you the most, and based on that, seek out professional wedding photographers matching your personality and style.

P.S. – This also helps save you an ample amount of time – you can avoid meeting with photographers whose style doesn’t resonate with your expectations!

Q2. How much money am I ready to spend on my wedding photography? 

If photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day, then we suggest you sit down and narrow down a budget first. Accordingly, choose a wedding photographer that best suits your budget. 

To make things easier, prepare a shot list, as this will help you know the specific pictures you want – from pre-wedding shots to candid or traditional shots or more. Once that’s decided, you can cut down your list or add more as per your budget. 

Once you have this sorted, you are a few steps closer to nailing the rest of the questions.

Q3. What part of my wedding do I want most photographed?

There are countless opportunities for both the bride and groom to be perfectly photographed at a wedding. But what is more important for you? Do you want every little detail to be captured, for eg., from getting ready in your hotel room to small moments spent with your family to portrait shots of yourself, etc? 

If you want photos to help you remember your wedding day perfect with every detail captured, look for a photographer who demonstrates photographing everything from portraits to candid to detail shots of the décor and wedding venue. 

If you want pictures showcasing you and your loved ones more, consider a photographer who works with a second shooter or a bigger team. You certainly want your photographer to capture authentic and fun moments that you may have missed. 

Reliving your wedding day through photographs has its own charm, awakening feel-good thoughts, and emotions.

Q4. What kind of lighting would be the best for me? 

Light is the backbone of any kind of photography. If you have a stronger preference for either of the two – natural or artificial lighting, let your photographer know. Choose someone who is experienced in advising what lighting best suits all wedding functions, and can pull off a wedding without much struggle. 

Q5. What do I expect from the photographer in terms of deliverables?

No one wants to wait for another 6 months to see their wedding shots. So, be clear on the timelines for all the deliverables with your photographer. List down what all you need – digital prints, albums, videos, an online gallery that can be shared with others, etc. Once you have finalized what you need, ensure you meet photographers that offer all of these!

Take a little time to ponder these questions and figure out what best suits you. When you’re done asking yourself the questions above, you will find yourself having a better understanding of your likes and preferences, and you’ll probably be ready to start meeting with potential photographers!

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