Goa Wedding - Sahana and Pratyoush

Who thought that two school going kids would end up in an Indian embassy school in Moscow, Russia of all the places in the world? Sahana & Pratyoush met when they were 16. And easy ages to form impressions about each other but you also have a lot of time to fall in love! Completely opposite when it comes to likes and dislikes, but similar upbringings and loving families. He loves sports and she has never been skilled at physical activity. She love books and in contrast, he has only read the textbooks he was forced to read in school and college. Pratyoush grew up to be a software engineer while Sahana is a design strategist. Fast forward to a few years apart, many phones calls and texts later when Sahana was working in Dallas Texas is when Pratyoush moved to the US for his Masters. For the longest time, Pratyoush had no furniture in his Milwaukee apartment. On 3rd September 2017, Sahana walked into his living room filled with white balloons. The balloons looked like clouds as he got on one knee and asked Sahana to marry him and that’s where it all began!
They decided on Goa as Pratyoush is from Lucknow and Sahana from Chennai and Goa was midway. They loved the Holiday Inn at Goa and had a blast planning their wedding. While we enjoyed being a part of their happy day, this is what they had to say about us!
“WE LOVED THEM. One of the best decisions we made for our wedding besides deciding to get married. They are so talented and accommodating, we enjoyed being photographed by them. We cannot stop looking at the photographs as well as the Wedding Film. We were impressed by how playful and casual they were in their style of working; they cleverly used the surroundings to get some great shots. Solid team. Their work shows experience, skill and passion! Thank you to the whole team!”
We love you too Sahana & Pratyoush! We at Vivek Krishnan believe true love shows in all the images that you capture as a candid wedding photographer. Don’t believe us? Check out this lovely wedding!