Everyone loves great wedding photographs! The smiling, the candid ones, the traditional ones with family – every single wedding photograph draws ‘ohhh and awww’s’ from friends and family. But after you’ve picked the perfect photographer to shoot your wedding, you have one more to-do in order to book them: sign a contract. As one of the best candid wedding photographers in Bangalore, I believe that getting all your ‘i’s dotted and t’s crossed’ will help prevent any miscommunication and ensure you get the photos you want and the services you’re paying for. We at Vivek Krishnan Photography do signed contracts for all our projects so we decided why not tell you the finer nuances of it today!

Get The Basics Ironed Out First – As a candid wedding photographer; I usually have a format of the contract ready which includes both the party’s names, what they are entering into a contract about and dates. Make sure that all the correct legal names are entered, especially if you are an NRI client as there are taxes involved too in the pricing so the correct names are important!

Get The Details Right – No, shifting your venue last minute even on the same date is not allowed as the candid wedding photographer’s team may have overlapping schedules. If it’s in the same city, the photographer’s team may accommodate but may charge an extra fee. So make sure that all the details are spelled out in your contract. Dates, number of functions, venues for each functions, the team strength.

Work Hours – Some candid wedding photographer teams’ bill by the hour, some by event and some by the day, so make sure you are extremely clear about what you are getting and paying for. If you want your candid photographer to come early on the day of the wedding or for any function, make sure that you mention that to them.

Deliverables – Are you hiring your wedding photographers only for candid photographs? Or for even video and traditional sets? All the deliverables along with exact numbers should be mentioned in the contract. Have a look at what questions to ask your candid wedding photographer BEFORE you book!

Re-Scheduling Clause – This is such an important piece to cover on your wedding photography contract! A lot of couples book vendors before booking their venue or finalizing the exact date to avoid losing a particular vendor. So make sure that you inform your candid wedding photographer beforehand as not all candid wedding photographers have a re-scheduling clause, especially during the peak season. As one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore, I can vouch for the fact that it’s very difficult to adjust at the last minute.

Copyright – This is obvious but I just wanted to mention this as in India intellectual property is not considered as a serious issue. All our photographs have watermarks and you cannot share any pictures without them.  Be sure to mention crediting when posting to social media or anywhere else on the internet. Also, if you aren’t comfortable with your candid wedding photographer sharing your wedding pictures online or on their social media page, please let them know. All photographers will abide by that.

Delivery Timeline– Always be sure to have a delivery by date on your contract with all the deliverables mentioned, what formats it will be delivered on and how they will be shared with you (like a pen drive, Blu-ray or even over an online transfer). Being clear and straightforward about the receiving date is the key to maintaining good & returning clients.

Financials – Lastly, the dreaded money section! This section is where you can clearly check all the costs. An ideal contract will include basic fees, added fees, taxes and non-payment clauses. Also, be very clear about how the payment is to be made – by cheque or transfer as cash is usually discouraged. This helps to keep everyone accountable, as well as to give you a clear timeline of when everything is due, and how much it will be.

Always remember that if you don’t understand any part of the contract, it’s perfectly fine to discuss it with your photographer or anyone before you sign. So now go ahead with full confidence and sign that wedding contract!


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