Your wedding day is one of the most crucial days when it comes to wedding planning. The planning that has been building up for months and months finally comes all together on this day. And your wedding photography is the only memory you take away from this day. To ensure that all of your planning looks spot-on in your candid wedding photography, you have to make certain of some things while you are planning your wedding. Lighting is a key factor when it comes to candid wedding photography. While we do take care of our camera lights as we do our job as candid wedding photographers, there are some other elements that can affect the final result. So we’ve listed down a mini-guide on how to avoid lighting mistakes on your wedding day. Don’t you worry; just a list of simple changes can ensure that you have picture-perfect photographs of your wedding day!

Poor Lighting Mistakes on a Wedding Day:

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The Right Décor – You might wonder that what has décor has to do with lighting. We say everything! If you are picking bright colored drapes, say red, on top, the light that will seep through these drapes will have a reddish tone or hue in them. This will entail affecting the photographs that are being clicked in that light. So while you pick your décor, consult with the team managing your candid wedding photography if it’s good to go. This simple hack will allow you to have color-free photos!  

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Right Placement Of Lights – If you have those multi-colored disco lights facing your mandap, be ready for disco-colored photographs too! Pick only warm lights for lights that will be facing your mandap on your D-day, because most of your important photographs are going to be captured at the mandap. Save the disco lights for your sangeet or cocktail night!

Type Of Lights Is Important –While we understand that you may want to opt for traditional photography as well as candid wedding photography. But when you have traditional photography set up, the lights used in that can be pretty harsh which will entail affecting the picture quality of the candid wedding photography images. What you can do is, introduce both your photography teams and sit together with them to figure out the final lighting! 

Avoid Poor Lighting Mistakes on a Wedding Day

Have Someone Supervise The Lighting – Many times what is discussed with the vendor doesn’t pan out the same way on your wedding day. And instead of you running between the venue and your changing room, assign someone to supervise the lighting when they are doing the setup. Brief a friend or cousin about what was discussed and ask that person to take charge of all of it. This way you can get ready in peace and you will get what you are paying for! 

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Trust The Experts – In this case, the candid wedding photography team and your lighting vendor. While we know that you may want that Pinterest-inspired lighting but it may not work out for your venue or even budget. So share your ideas and concepts with your vendors and ask them to take a final call with all the adjustments! They are professionals for a reason. 

Low or Dim Lighting – Many couples opt for fairy lights or soft dim lights for that romantic vibe. But this romantic vibe can kill your wedding photographs. If the lighting is minimal then the camera won’t focus well. You have to ensure that there are ample lights at your wedding venue for your candid wedding photography team to do their job well. But if you are really keen on those fairy lights, make sure that you talk to your lighting team and have extra lights placed strategically, which won’t hamper your vibe as well as give your candid wedding photography team sufficient light!

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