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We are a group of filmmakers dedicated to making your special day a little more special. Every couple is unique and different, and we love capturing your individual essence on camera. You must have noticed how we’re talking about “filmmakers” and “films”? Well, that’s because we’re not just “videographers” shooting “videos”, and we take great pride in recording and documenting that one, wonderful, amazing day of yours on film. Watching peoples’ faces light up with joy after seeing our final product makes our day and validates every single moment of hard work that went into making that film. We know that a couple places a lot of trust in their wedding photographers (especially candid wedding photographers) and filmmakers when they’re hired, and we do not take that trust lightly. We really do believe that getting to know our clients better and bringing out their personal flair in their wedding films is the best way to serve them.


You can see some examples of our work on this page. We like to think of ourselves as a fun and chilled out bunch and we would love to catch up with you over coffee and discuss what your perfect wedding film would be, so do get in touch with us!

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