Pre wedding shoots have become repetitive with couples posing outside historical monuments and jumping around. So how about we mix it up a little and do things differently? So, we at Vivek Krishnan Photography decided to tell you the best and the most unique ideas that you can opt for your pre-wedding shoot (with us!)

Vintage Vibe

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore

Vintage and retro vibes have their own charm. Having vintage tones and elements to your pre-wedding shoot doesn’t only bring back old memories of black and white albums but is also such a refreshing change from all the brightly coloured lehengas twirling around (we aren’t complaining though!)

On The Water

Right from having an underwater pre-wedding shoot to having one on a cruise, the sky is the limit when it comes to pre-wedding shoots. Having a boat or a yacht where you can shoot brings an extremely unique element to your photographs. The beach shoot is also another idea if you aren’t really keen on a boat.

With Your Pets

If you are someone who loves pets, why not include them in your pre-wedding shoot? If you don’t have one and still love them, you can go to a shelter and have your shoot there. We bet that they will love all the attention you give them!

Road Trip

Pre-wedding shoots pre-wedding candid moments

Love travelling? Showcase it through your pre-wedding shoot. This is a perfect opportunity to take a break and also indulge in something that you love immensely. We promise that the love will be seen on your faces!


Don’t know what that is? It simply means to camp with some glam and style. Set up a picnic with beautiful tents, fairy lights and all things that you love in the middle of nowhere, and have a photo shoot. You can also plan a surprise proposal here while you are at it!

Cooking Together

Food gets everyone together! If you want to showcase your love for food, you’ll can whip up something together in a kitchen or even have a food-themed pre wedding shoot. Take a food trip to your favourite cafes while your pre wedding candid wedding photographer snaps away!

Traditional Wear

No, we aren’t saying bridal wear. Traditional wear is an ode to your caste or region that you belong. Like a pretty half saree if you are from south-India or even a Patiala suit if you are from Punjab. It allows you to bring forth the vibe of your region in a fun and colourful way.

Special Effects

Love a little fun in your photos? Try for a special effects pre wedding shoot which involves levitating, miniature photography or even flying! This will make even a casual pre wedding shoot pop against the regular ones!

Adventure Ones

How about a pre-wedding shoot in a hot-air balloon? You can add a little dose of adventure to your pre-wedding shoot by picking an adventure sport or even something simple as a forest camp. Not only do they make for pretty backdrops but they also allow you to indulge in some fun!

Comic Strip

Immortalize your love story by making it in a comic strip book! You can create a story board with your candid wedding photographer before the shoot and have the pictures later be made into a comic strip books with your love story. It will take some extra effort than the rest but how cool will the result be!

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