Communication is the key to any successful collaboration. And as you are stepping into the most important collaboration of your lives, marriage, this becomes of utmost importance. So let’s do that in every step of planning that celebration! Trust me when I say that if every couple and family we shot (on camera!) spoke and communicated with us, work will become play on both sides!

Candid Wedding Photography – Introduction

Scheduling a coffee meeting with your candid photographer helps you break the ice. Not everyone is camera confident, especially on your wedding day when nerves are already jittery. Meeting your candid photographer/s in a casual setting helps you talk about things you like and you don’t on a daily basis. Talk about your proposal, how you first met, and how long have you been dating. I feel that this allows me to glimpse the person behind the bride and groom and that helps tremendously in the whole journey. If the bride & groom love Bollywood movies, it’s safe to say that the wedding will be full of dramatic moments that I will now know to capture!

Understand Us

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No, not as a person but as our craft! People who say “Your camera does all the work” don’t understand what it is like to dance between rituals and capture that moment of your dad when his eyes are moist. That is the one picture that you will thank your photographer for. Understand what you want and what you are getting from your photographer. If there is anything that you don’t understand, for example, is there a need for candid photography at a 4 am wedding in Kerela, you need to ask or discuss that. Weddings are weddings at any hour and it’s the most important moment of your celebration so, yes it is needed. We say this as one of the top wedding photographers in Kerala.

Let Us Understand You

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It’s not a one-way street. I want to know you too! What is your favorite wedding function? What aspect are you most excited about? Is there anything specific that you would like to do, for example, have a crazy video shoot of the baraat? Better still, make a list of moments & people that you want to be captured. This will help the bride in you breathe freely and smile on your wedding day!

Discuss Commercials

You might have a limited budget, and there is nothing wrong with that. This does not mean you need to compromise. You can discuss what works for you and what doesn’t. Remember, not everyone wants or needs video so don’t assume your photographer has added it in. It’s important that you chat about every bit of your package openly as to what you need and what you don’t. And if you are having a destination wedding, you will be looking at photographers that you might not even know. For example, Kerala wedding photography might or might not function very differently from photographers in Delhi! If you don’t ask, how will you know?

It’s All In The Details

Little things matter so to communication. If you want your candid photographer to stay even for the after-party, tell him that. If you want your first meal as newly-weds to be captured, tell him that too. Ideally, photographers eat before or after the couple does but it helps to talk. Have a destination wedding in Kovalam and have no clue how everything functions? Talk to your Kerala candid photography team and ask whatever you need. They may know things better than you do. Need your candid photographer to come early on the wedding day to capture some portrait shots with your family? You know what to do!

And most importantly, breathe! Don’t forget that your wedding celebration is above all these questions and lists. According to me, the best accessory the bride and groom could ever give us is happy face!


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