When brides were asked what they wished they’d spent more on, more than one fifth said “wedding photography”! According to this infographic by New York magazine, around 21% of brides felt that they should have spent more on candid wedding photography, and only 12% thought that they had spent too much on it. Other areas such as flowers, the wedding cake, and even the wedding gown were far below the importance that wedding photography held in the eyes of a bride.

Now you’ll tell me that this is only one survey and maybe not enough brides were asked about it… Well, I’d agree with you, but this research by an independent website Shutterfly taken two years before the NY Mag study shows the exact same statistic! Now, that’s either coincidence, or it shows how important a candid wedding photographer is for a perfect wedding!


Wedding Photography has always been an important part of weddings abroad and in India, but candid wedding photography is slowly taking over as the most important kind of photography. According to this study by TheKnot.com, after the wedding venue/food and jewelry, candid wedding photography is the most important expense for couples who were getting married.

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Candid wedding photography was a WHOPPING 14% of total costs and, excluding venue costs, it was a mind-boggling 25% of the total cost of the wedding! Now isn’t that some food for thought? Similar studies by Indian organizations like this one by Business Line show the same figures for India. Excluding the cost of the venue, candid wedding photography was at least 15% of the wedding costs, and sometimes as much as 25% of the wedding cost! Still not convinced? How about this, and this, and this, and this? Convinced now?

So what can a couple do?

Earlier, candid wedding photography never had the importance it is gaining today. According to The Big Fat Indian Wedding website wedding, photography was one of the least understood areas of expense while budgeting for a wedding. But with the new age of candid wedding photographers, everything has become easy for a prospective couple. All professional candid wedding photographers and videographers now have a contract with the exact details of what the bride and groom can expect from the wedding photos. This gives clarity about the kind of photos, the number of photos, and the approximate delivery times for the same. This streamlines the process and makes it much easier for everyone involved.

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