A first look between the bride and groom is quite amazing, but the one person whose heart is breaking at every moment is the father of the bride. From helping her take the first steps to walk her down the aisle or even sitting next to her in the mandap, a father’s heart is happy as well as emotional on the wedding day. While we love clicking all types of photographs and no bond is lesser than any, a father-daughter photograph will melt the strongest of hearts. Here are 10 of our favorite photos of father-daughter captures – we dare you not to get misty-eyed!

10 Candid Moments: Father of the Bride!

Image 1 – The Getting Ready Shot

The world may turn upside down, but this man will always have his eyes on you!

Image 2 – Happy Kisses

From childhood and to eternity, his kisses will always be the best! 

Image 3 – One With The Family

Everyone knows, the daughter is always the most favorite child in the fam!

Image 4 – Walking You Towards The Mandap

While he smiles and is tremendously happy as you take on this new life, a part of him is leaving his soul today! 

Image 5 – First Dance

Your first steps, your first laugh, your first fall, he is witnessing it all in flashbacks as he twirls his little girl around!

Image 6 – Sitting On His Lap

A daughter will never outgrow her father’s lap! 

Image 7 – My Daddy Strongest!

Whether it was a piggy back ride as a kid or carrying you to the mandap, a father’s arms are the strongest!

Image 8 – Wedding Rituals 

As he gives away his daughter to the groom, he is also giving a piece of his heart!

Image 9 – Always His Princess!

You may be her prince, but her father will always be her king! 

Image 10 – That Final Walk

His hands will hold on to you, at her moment of the way!

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