As wedding photographers information is key to shooting a wedding. There are tons of details that help us to plan better before a wedding and its events. There are couples which give you everything they have while some don’t. So we have learnt from experience that you, as a photographer need to ask them. So here are some must-have details that you should know before shooting a destination wedding!

Permits And Licences– If you are shooting a destination wedding in a different country, there are work permits and licences that you require to work there, even for a few hours. So talk to the client before taking the booking about it since these permits cost a bomb. Make sure they are taken care of before you finalize anything.

Excess Baggage– Destination weddings mean flying across cities and sometimes, countries. Transporting gear is quite a task, especially if you have tripods and heavy lenses. So make sure you ask your client to arrange for excess baggage allowance on the plane for your gear.

Check Your Insurance– If you have gear insurance, check with them. Many liability and equipment insurance policies only cover you domestically, so call your agent and extend your coverage internationally.

Number Of Events– In a destination wedding, events are not just restricted to the usual sangeet-mehendi-wedding chart. There are various mini-events in between which may need to be shot too. So ask specifically about these mini events so you can have your team ready approximately. Don’t forget to read about the five ultimate tips for bridal shoots!

Venue Details– Chances are slim that you will get to see the venue before the actual day when it comes to a destination wedding, so get all possible details from the client. Is it indoor or outdoor? What time are the functions? This will get you an idea about the natural lighting of the place.

Place Of Residence– Most client have their vendors staying in the same venue as them but some don’t. So ask about your stay and how far is it from the venue. This way you can time your schedule and also make arrangements for transportation for the gear.

Scout– Once you reach the destination wedding, even if there is no event; scout the location with your camera. Note the sun’s angle relative to the time of day and try to visualize the shots against the backdrop. Look for once in a lifetime photo spots in the location. Is there a must-see location you can whisk your couple away to for some gorgeous photos? Ask the concierge at your hotel or any locals guides you can find online.

Have Fun– Weddings are fast-paced, so it’s refreshing when you get to spend quality time with the family and guests throughout the trip. The more you know about your subjects, the better the images and this is true for all genres of photography.

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