Pre-wedding photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular these days. Every couple seeks unique ideas to make their wedding story stand out. Wedding photographers pose couples at historical sites and city gardens during pre-wedding photoshoots. However, there are now many options available. Here are ten unique pre-wedding photo ideas.

Pick the best spot and coordinate outfits:

Visit your favorite spot as a couple that isn’t shared by anyone else for your pre-wedding shoot. Through pre-wedding photoshoots, couples can learn more about each other. Several of these locations also offer pre-wedding photo opportunities. Your photo shoot can be a wonderful experience before the big day. Then, match all wedding costumes to the venue and make all the props you need for the event. Decorate them, color them, they look amazing in pictures.

Hire a Makeup Artist: 

There needs to be a makeup artist for the groom as well as the bride to make them look presentable for the camera and for people attending the wedding. It is common for brides to have one, but grooms also require one since aesthetics play a part in a picture. Since it is your special day and you are the hero and heroine, perhaps it is time for the both of you to get dressed and get your makeup done just like your favorite celebrities.  

Prepare your poses: 

Vivek’s Photoshoot team brainstorms with you about the photoshoot ideas and we decide what type of photos can be taken.  Prepare a few poses that showcase your relationship. A pre-wedding underwater photo shoot is a great idea if you love adventure. Discuss and experiment based on the chemistry you have with your partner. While we get clicked for you, you keep posing for the camera.   

Have someone to help you and carry a facial blotter: 

It is very hard to carry huge dresses and walk around during photoshoots. Have a friend or member of your family that you can turn to whenever you need help. Ensure they are with you until the photoshoot team packs up for the event and that they are with you way before the wedding.  Every time you perspire, wipe with a moist tissue or blotter.

Make the candid shot memorable: 

Photographs that are taken candidly are those that are not planned ahead. They are supposed to be natural. Even though some photos are posed, the majority should be candid. We are sure, every marriage is fun and enjoy every event of your wedding just the way it is. The real emotions are then revealed, and Vivek’s sharp eyes will be able to capture them. 

Communicate with Vivek’s Team: 

Communication is the final but most powerful tip. By this point, you should feel comfortable with the person who takes your pictures. It will give the team a higher likelihood of arranging the setup and capturing the scene more clearly and creatively if you communicate what you want.   Communicating with photographers will make your pictures turn perfect. 

So, these are our tips from Vivek’s photography team. Tell us if you had implemented any of these tips in your or your friends/family’s wedding photoshoots in the comments below.

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