I have always believed that photographs tell us a thousand stories at a glance. But wedding videos take those stories further. A wedding film does not only have the power to revive memories but also allows you to experience the story. Every day there is something new in the world of photography and that’s what keeps me going. Reinventing my art each day! So I thought why not take you on a journey and let you experience it as well!

Lip – Dub

One of the most creative and fun ways to make a memory out of your wedding day is having a Lip-Dub video!  This video basically entails people lip-syncing to a song throughout the video. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved without all the sappy interviews. Your friends and family can dance, laugh, and sing along. What fun!


I love this one because it is the beginning of something beautiful that unfolds at your wedding – your life together. You can shoot your save-the-date in form of a video instead of just an image. You can even have wedding video invites!

Wedding Teaser

Is your destination wedding slated to be in Goa? Imagine the best professional top wedding photographers in Goa shooting those crystal clear blue waters and the best candid wedding photographers in Goa capturing you as you walk down the aisle on a beach and putting all this together in a beautiful video! Your candid photographer in Goa who will shoot your wedding teaser gives your guests a glimpse of your beautiful day without bogging them down with a long film.


I love the fact that videos are one way to re-live your wedding, so slow-mo will be so much fun. Slow-mo videos are videos that have a mix of slow-motion snips videos. This adds a lazy, leisure-some mood to it which is simply lovely!

Love Story Film

I believe true love stories are not made in Bollywood, they’re made every day, all around us, starting with you and your fiancé! Your love story film captures your love story, where you met, or even your proposal. There are no limits to how creative this video can be – want to tell your love story through a music video? Done. Did your proposal happen on a stunning beach in Goa? Ask your candid photographer in Goa to shoot your love story to match. You can play this video on your sangeet night just before your big couple dance!

My idea isn’t just to tell the story of your wedding day, but to portray the characters – the emotions, conversations, and moods – so that your guests can re-live your wedding anytime and whenever they like! So are you ready to tell your story to us?

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