Wedding bells are ringing, the birds are chirping, there’s a fresh smell of jasmine in the air, and you’re freaking out? That’s an accurate way to describe the post engagement period for most brides and grooms, I guess. Every decision you make during this period has the added weight of it possibly affecting you for your entire life. Somewhere among the top 5 among these decisions is the choice of wedding photographer, especially if it’s a candid wedding photographer, and the added apprehension – “FoMO”.

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What is FoMO? To put it simply, it stands for “Fear of Missing Out” and is a fear of regret, which perpetuates the fear of making the wrong decision. In this context, it’s the fear that the candid wedding photographer might miss out on important events, because of having a small team, or worse, due to carelessness & apathy.

This is, unfortunately, a well-founded fear. Indian Weddings are complicated affairs, and for a single candid wedding photographer (and probably one assistant) to cover every single event and formality is physically impossible. So the wedding couple end up hiring a team of wedding photographers and event videographers, ensuring that the only things their guests see during the ceremonies are flashing lights and the backs of around 10 wedding photographers crowding around the couple all the time.

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That doesn’t paint a pretty picture, does it? What is the solution, you ask? The first thing to understand is that candid wedding photography has always been about quality over quantity. A candid wedding photography album will definitely not have as many pictures as, or be as extensive as a traditional wedding photography album. But the rewards of candid wedding photography are definitely much, much, much more satisfying! Genuine smiles, happy faces, intimate moments, amazing photo editing, and a true way to preserve the memory of your special day and all the emotions you felt.

“What do I do, then!”, you ask? Never fear, your friendly neighbourhood candid wedding photographer is here! I’ve written extensively on this topic , and in general about getting the best from your candid wedding photographer before.


And, as usual, you can always avoid all these problems by just hiring Bangalore’s Best Wedding Photographer!

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