If you’re reading this blog, then I daresay you’re about to get married in the next one year. And if you’re going to get married in the next one year, I daresay you’re in the middle of planning your wedding right now. And if you’re planning your wedding, I daresay you’re quite stressed right now. Am I right or am I right?

Somehow a wedding seems like such a good idea and so much fun when you’re young, but once you’re engaged? Not so much. Well, of course you’re happy, but stress can take away from this amazing experience, and it’s practically impossible to avoid it! You go from handling one family’s expectations, to handling TWO families’ expectations. And, frankly, it can be quite daunting.

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The simplest way is usually what helps people the most. Deep breathing. Breathe in, breathe out, and feel the worries evaporate. Not working? Think back to your days in school, college, or your job. What was your favourite method to wind down? Odds are, it still works.

Give yourself some breathing space, and take a few days off every month where you’re absolutely not allowed to discuss or even think about the wedding. Chill out with your friends, do that art project you’re always been meaning to get to, but always keep putting off, just anything other than wedding planning. It’s always good to have some alone time to maintain sanity.

Another important thing to remember is to eat healthy and eat well. A lot of couples (and especially the brides), tend to go on crazy diets before their weddings to try and fit into their wedding gown. This is an absolute no no. Lack of nutrients and an improper diet will only contribute to your mental and physical fatigue, both of which you’ll be experiencing in spades.

The last bit of advice is the easiest. You’re getting married, right? Well, what are future better halves for! Make sure your partner is equally involved in the process. Who knows, you might discover a new side of your future spouse, and it’ll definitely help you get closer to each other! As one prolific writer famously claimed in his book: C2D! Cooperate to Dominate!


I’ve written some more about how best to plan your wedding before , so do take a look around my blog. Maybe you’ll find something that helps you out!

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