As candid wedding photographers, we are always ready to shoot anything and everything. But you need to be careful before you take up a project especially if it’s a wedding. There are certain things that you need to take care of before you accept any wedding photography bookings. Worry not; we have just the list for you. So bookmark away!

Details– Do you know the venue, number of people attending, the event details? It is immensely important that you have all these details and more as many of your subsequent decisions will be based on these. For example, the number of people attending the event will determine the number of assistants you will need and that will affect your cost. So pay attention to the details.

Style– We can’t talk enough about this! Do understand if your client’s preference matches your photography style. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for them so in case they are hesitant about your style, it’s better to turn down the booking instead of convincing them. No customer is better than a disappointed and angry one!

Transparency– Maintain utmost transparency before and even after the booking. Clients tend to assume a lot of things due to the chaos of wedding planning. It is your job as a candid wedding photographer to make sure that they understand what you are offering them. Be clear and open about the number of people you are getting, the costs, and even the minor details.

Be Clear On Who Your Client Is (And Isn’t)– In Indian weddings, there are too many people involved so sometimes everyone in the family thinks that they are your boss. Talk to the bride and groom about this because you can’t keep moving around just because 10 people are ordering you to. This will affect your time and energy.

Deliverables– Be very clear with this even before you make the booking. After the payment is made, couples tend to haggle for new things in the same package. If you don’t have a contract in place, have a formal email drafted so that everything is on mail and accounted for. This way you can stick to the package offered without any disappointments!

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