We as candid wedding photographers are always talking about the must-have shots in every wedding function. But once you get all those beautiful photos back, there’s still work to be done: Creating the perfect wedding album. How do you create a keepsake that holds all the big moments and little details? How do you sort through hundreds of photos to curate a collection you’ll want to page through again and again? Putting together a wedding album can feel daunting, but we’ve got you a few tips to start off from!

Be choosy, be picky – This should go without saying, but it’s your wedding album. Trust your instincts. Start from picking 30% from all your photos and then zero down to the last 10%. As you cull through these, be sure to check everyone’s faces for strange expressions or closed eyes. I know that as a candid wedding photographer, so many brides come back regretting a few pictures that they dint check!

Pick your absolute favorites (not what you think they should be) – A lot of times, especially at weddings, there is a lot of pressure on what ‘should be in your wedding album rather than what you ‘want’. Don’t listen to anyone except your family and spouse. As one of the best candid wedding photographers, I think the best albums are collections of your favorite pictures!

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Let your photographs talk – Don’t think of today, think of pictures that will convey your love story even years later. That is the real beauty of a perfect wedding album. Over the years a candid wedding photographer goes through hundreds of wedding albums but the best ones are those that speak for themselves!

Think over your layout – By that I don’t mean just the design but also the flow of photographs. It’ll be really funny to see a reception picture before your haldi pictures. It’s all about the poetry of the album. More important than the order is the flow of the images. Just like a magazine, the photos need to relate to one another by content or style.

Look at samples or references – As one of the best candid wedding photographers, I have past references or samples that you can browse from. Make use of that from your candid wedding photographer as well. Learning from ready-made examples can be a significant boost to your plans. You can borrow a wedding album from friends or other sources, review it, and note the areas you would like to copy from them as well as what you would improve to make it better. Such an exploration would give you a bigger picture of what you require to do.

Don’t miss key moments – Even if they aren’t the best pictures by your candid wedding photographer (which it should be ideally!), do include key wedding moments in your album. Your phrase, ring exchange, mangalsutra moments, walk down the aisle, your kanyadaan etc. All these photos must make it to your final album!

Albums should match how big the wedding is – An intimate, shorter wedding wouldn’t need as many pictures as a 4-day extravaganza! This isn’t a rule that you have to abide by, you can absolutely include as many pictures as you want but if you have a 200-photo album for one function, photos tend to be repetitive. So stick to number and go with it.

Don’t forget the album itself – I have observed, as one of the best candid wedding photographers that couples don’t give a lot of thought to what exactly their album is going to look like. Is it going to be a coffee table book or a classic old school album? It’s extremely vital that you pick what goes with your style. If you are confused, read my two cents on 5 unique ideas for your wedding albums here.

Add extras – Go an extra mile while creating your album. You can make it more appealing by having the inclusion of souvenirs from friends and family members. You can also include some writings from your spouse and yourself especially about the memories that you associate with your wedding.

Let the world view it! – Traditionally albums, especially wedding albums are stored in attics and removed once a year or less. I, as one of the best candid wedding photographers, believe that you should share it with the world when you have put so much effort into it. Leaving your album out on a coffee table is absolutely fine. The only warning: keep it away from little toddlers with dirty fingers and make sure it’s not in direct sunlight!

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