You are probably not accustomed to taking photos and being in front of the camera for hours. And you are most likely to break into a sweat. We also understand that you have enough to think about at your wedding. But being your natural self is all that you have to do at a photoshoot, and of course, trust your wedding photographer. 

We have simply highlighted the top 5 Best Wedding Photography Tips that should stay etched in your head, before the shutter clicks –

Best Wedding Photography Tips:

Tip 1: Find your best angleWedding photographers in Hyderabad

Even the most self-conscious people know which side of them looks better while being clicked. It’s true, we all have a better side to our face for pictures. 

If you are unaware of which side of your face or body posture looks appealing, get in front of a mirror, or take out your phone and start observing yourself. Slowly change angles and you will get an idea of the angle that makes you look attractive.

Face Tip –  Mind your chin; angle your chin slightly down and keep your head turned subtly towards the other side. This angle is great for anything from flirty, naughty to innocent, or shy! 

Tip 2: Accentuate your Arms

The most commonly asked question during a photoshoot is, “What do I do with my arms!”

We have a simple answer – relax and don’t press your arms against your body. While staying natural is an essential ingredient during a wedding shoot, we insist you keep your arms relaxed and elongated. Pressing your arms tightly against your attire can look less flattering. What truly matters is to have your hands do something, not left hanging and awkward.

Tip 3: Smile Naturally Candid wedding photography Hyderabad

Smile, just like you do every day. Keep it natural. Practice relaxing your face, brightening up your eyes, and thinking of everything that is going well right now in your life.

We also suggest that you laugh naturally, thinking of all the goofy things you have done with your other half. Such emotions help capture great candid moments and produce some of the most gorgeous and natural poses. 

Don’t worry, for this to be a huge success, we will help you in being silly and bring out the best candid shots!

Tip 4: Stand Up Straight

The spine is the cornerstone of any pose. Ignore the spine and the whole pose will fly out the window. “ – Roberto Valenzuela

The meaning is straightforward – no slouching. A great posture makes you look happier, fitter, and on top of the world. So, spine up, chins down and you will be surprised at how well your wedding photographs have turned out. 

P.S – This rule especially goes for all the brides, to look tall, beautiful, sophisticated, and confident, straighten up your spine!

Tip 5: Have FUN and be YOUWedding photography in Hyderabad

Yes, you can have fun during your wedding photography shoot. Just be you. It’s your day and the best moments of your life that are being captured. Look away from the camera, if you are feeling uncomfortable, immerse yourself in the blissful moments and have some fun. Laugh out crazily and relax before your big day!

These are lifelong memories we want to capture for you, so if you are looking for a memorable moment, get in touch with us at –  https://vivekkrishnan.com/contact/


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