Wedding photographs last for a lifetime. And with social media, their life span has further increased! So make sure that you get the most amazing and awesome shots with your entire squad on your wedding day. Here are our top recommendations that have to go into your must-have shot list!

Movement– In the age of boomerangs and rewind videos, a shot where you are jumping, dancing or simply just moving around is a must. A co-ordinated jump shot against a stunning outdoor backdrop is a killer idea!

Groomsmen Lined Up– A formal groomsmen shot is extremely underrated. Have the groom and all the groomsmen line up in a triangle format, suited or in Indian wear and capture this moment!

Getting Ready– Now this one is for both grooms and as well as brides. A friend helping you wear your sherwani or suit. Or a friend helping you adjust your dupatta, these shots capture the chaos of a wedding and that helping hand extremely well!

Toast– If you are having a cocktail party or an after-party, make sure you capture a picture where your entire gang raises a toast to the bride and groom. It’s a special occasion for the entire gang as the two of you get hitched!

Crazy Random Shots– Have these clicked after a cocktail party or even after the wedding day. The tiredness as well as happiness is reflected in the group shot where everyone is chilling and exhausted at the same time.

Aerial Shot– If you are getting drone photography done, make sure you get a from-the-top shot with your entire gang in some sort of formation. It can be a simple heart with the couple in between, but don’t miss out on this one!

Shadow Shot– This is a fun one. Line up all your friends in front of a wall, and have your candid wedding photographer click them while they do crazy poses along with you and your partner!

Kissing Shot– Have the couple kiss while surrounded by friends who are holding their hands over their eyes. It’s a fun memory to capture!

So which will of these is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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