As one of the top Bangalore wedding photographers, I can tell you that wedding photography is more than just clicking pictures. It involves a million questions about wedding photography. I guess it’s only natural to be curious about someone else’s job but from all the different weddings I have ever photographed, one thing remains constant and that is being asked the same questions over and over again.

What Is Candid Photography?

Frankly we don’t expect everyone to know the details of photography but this is super basic especially in the last 5 years in the wedding industry. Candid wedding photography involves the candid photographer using various techniques to try to capture subjects casually. This allows the photographer to make the pictures seem like a story displaying emotions and capturing rare moments that would otherwise be unnoticed or forgotten.

Why Can’t Candid Photographers Do The Traditional Group Pictures As Well?

The same way Sachin Tendulkar can’t bowl as well as he can bat! Because we are experts in a certain field and we do that well. As I well as I do candid wedding photography, I won’t be able to do traditional group pictures as candid photography requires a lot of movement between people and being there for the right moments. Still photography or traditional is more like a setup with a stage or just the couple posing. Candid is more natural and in the moment.

My Kid Or Cousin Would Love To Get Into Wedding Photography Someday, Have You Got Any Tips?

Everyone under the sun is now a wedding photographer so no wonder this question comes up every time! If you want to get into candid wedding photography, my recommendation is to just do it. Buy a relatively decent camera, get creative and jump into the fun!

Why Do You Need 2 Candid Photographers And Not One?

Because one candid wedding photographer would be with the bride & groom and the other one will be with your guests. Imagine, if you have only one candid wedding photographer, he or she is with the bride as she gets ready, you won’t have any shots of the groom getting ready or during the baraat, during the same time. If you have a team, they can be there for you at all the moments that you want captured. That is why two over one!

Can You Make Me Fairer In Photoshop?

I know that as a candid wedding photographer, especially in India, I should be expecting this question but it’s the 21st century guys! Not only is it self-racism but you need to understand that PS is used for visual adjustments not to change skin colour!

You work looks pretty easy. The camera must do all the work! (From wedding guests!)

Yes, I just pretend to work and the camera clicks all those candid moments you see later!

Can We Get A Discount?

Can we get 3 wedding functions instead of one? Just kidding. In India, everyone likes to haggle. It gives us a sense of pride but do remember that your candid wedding photography is the only thing that is going to remain even after the functions are over. Do you want to haggle over something as precious as that?

Can You Just Come And Cover My Mehendi Function?  – It’s Just For 2-3 Hours (For Free!). There Will Be Drinks! 

Is that what you told your decorator? It’s very easy to dismiss a candid wedding photographer’s services as small but the truth is that it’s as important as any other service in your wedding. There is no barter system unless you are giving me my dream camera!

Can You Help Us With Lighting?

And can the light man help us in photography? As Bangalore wedding photographer, I have been asked this question close to a million times. Of course we can tell us what is ideal lighting and what would be the best but we can’t help you fix it or even manage it. And frankly it’s not ideal to expect one vendor to do the work of another without any extra charges.


Very Informative… Give some tips as a candid photographer means how to capture the perfect moments? Is Crop sensor camera good for candid?

Hi ,

Candid has nothing to do with the camera , its basically the style that you follow to shoot. Their are good crop sensor cameras as well , we use Fuji xt20 also

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