Your wedding is your dream and ours too! But just to photograph it is not the goal. I believe in creating stories, having fun and also making it an experience of a lifetime for you. To do that, you need to go out of the box, a little crazy and create that magic. Here are some of the magical wedding candid photography trends that I have noticed and are going to be big in 2017!

Shooting the Proposal – Being private is a thing of the past in terms of proposals. Proposals are getting more creative by the day and everyone wants a memory of it! Couples or rather grooms are hiring candid wedding photographers to document their proposals so that the wonderful-but-fleeting moment can be relived later by the couple and shared with friends and family. As a photographer, it’s lovely to be a part of their love story from the beginning.

Custom Stories by Snapchat – The latest Snapchat update is going to rule the social media world of wedding photography! This update allows guests to create their own wedding stories where multiple guests can upload pictures into the same story. Digital is simply amazing!

Groomsmen Shoots – Why should brides have all the fun? I am noticing that more and more grooms are opting for fun and casual wedding shoots with their friends. This includes squad –like photos with matching suits or even jackets. This one is going to get even bigger in 2017 weddings!

Candid wedding photographers in Hyderabad Candid wedding photography Hyderabad

Post Function Shoots – Wedding days are crazy-busy and I do my best to get every shot you’d like in the bank. But day-after shoot helps me hit all my marks, and are trending in the wedding photography world. Imagine, as the best candid wedding photographers in Goa, what if we get to shoot the bride & groom on the beach post the wedding? It is simply astounding what post function shoots can do in 2017!

Unplugged Weddings – I love these! Couples are asking guests to put their phones, cameras and tablets away to be present at their wedding. They love you enough to invite you to their special moment, and they have paid me, a candid photographer, to capture the right moments. You can watch the ceremony in glorious real-life-definition and I get better photos of the couples without the hundred glowing screens obstructing the view. Win-win!

Old is IN – Dresses, venues, and themes. I am seeing more and more wedding dress designs, requests for photo shoots, even entire venues dedicated to appreciating the vintage style. Is anyone looking for black and white portraits by the best candid photographer in Goa? Contact us now!

Editorial Style Shots – What bride doesn’t want her wedding pictures to look like they came straight out of a magazine? This is something that is going to rule the roost in 2017 wedding photography. It’s all about creating portraits of the couple that have a visual impact because your eyes are drawn to their deep expressions and deliberate placement — like you see on magazine covers!

Less Filters, More Natural – Thanks to Instagram, photography filters have been all the rage. However, in 2017, I have noticed that brides are seeking a more natural, real editing style of their photos, allowing their beauty to shine through with natural, simplistic editing and lighting.

Honeymoon Shoots – Having a mini-moon in Goa? Hire the best professional photographers in Goa to do a photo-shoot of you and your spouse in a relaxed atmosphere. Beach, margaritas in hand and a perfect tan – how can a couple look more perfect! This one is a perfect alternative to pre-wedding shoots according to many couples who are on a schedule.

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