Best Wedding Videographer – If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has got to be worth a few million, right? Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life and the memories of it will be cherished by you and your partner forever. However chances are, no matter how sharp your memory is, you won’t remember every single detail of it off by heart that’s where you can play your wedding video and relive those moments. But how do you get the videographer of your dream? Follow these steps and you will hit the jackpot!

Understand what wedding films are!

Just because your candid wedding photographer is offering it as a package, don’t jump on it. Understand what wedding films are and which the good ones are. You’ve got to see a lot of videos to figure out what type of videography appeals to you. Try to pay attention to the pacing, the lighting, and how the wedding story develops. And see if what you want is what your candid wedding photographer/videographer is offering.


Do your research about wedding films with your partner, not alone. You can check a candid wedding photographer and videographer’s work online as well. Don’t forget about social media, especially apps like Instagram and Pinterest, as many videographers show off their best and most recent work on those networks.

Ask your Best Wedding Videographer

If you are completely new to this video scene, ask your other vendors for help. Your wedding planner or even décor designer vendors would have collaborated with stellar Best Wedding Videographer in the past and are happy to pass along the information. Using this sort of vetted network will likely save you time and go a long way to ensuring that your wedding team works well together for your big day.

Make a shortlist

Once you dip your toe into the wild world of candid wedding videography, you’ll realize just how vast and deep the pool can get. You may like the work of a lot of videographers but you have to book just one. Strike off anyone who doesn’t fit in your budget bracket. Like 5-10k here and there is okay, but not more. Strike off anyone who doesn’t do weddings in the location where yours will be hosted. Eliminate videographers whose work you enjoyed, but didn’t absolutely thrill you. So now meet the people who are left on the list to understand more of their work.

Book early, but not too early

As one of the best candid wedding photographers in Hyderabad, I would recommend you book your candid wedding photographer prior to booking the videographer. Some photography studios offer stellar photography and videography (like we do!), so that might be a hassle-free way to hire both services. You will also need to freeze the venue and date before booking anyone!

Always always have a contract!

We haven’t spoken enough about wedding contracts! If you have missed that one, read it here. But always have a wedding contract where you and your candid wedding photographer/videographer are very clear on the deliverables and payments. This is a big purchase and you don’t want any surprises.

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