There are many who simply wonder how to look photogenic on their wedding day. Naturally, many hope to look perfect and have their wedding day captured in the most beautiful manner. Be it finding the right wedding photographer or choosing your makeup carefully, we understand the struggle.

Make your Wedding More Photogenic: Best Ways

A little bit of planning and preparation can help you be more photogenic than you least expected. Here are a few tips we have put together to help ease your worries, read on –

1. Go for a pre-wedding shoot –

Why go for a pre-wedding shoot for your wedding shots to come out photogenic? Because pre-wedding shoots are the perfect time for you to relax and get camera friendly. It also gives you an ample amount of time with your wedding photographer with whom you can discuss your different poses and find out what’s best for you such as the angle, your posture, or lighting.

Once you are done with the pre-wedding shoot, you will be much more comfortable facing the camera lens on your big day. It will help you get a fair idea of what it’s going to be like on the big day.

2. Pick a Photogenic venue –

Stating the obvious, a venue plays a crucial role in how photogenic your wedding will look. If you plan on choosing an indoor venue, we recommend choosing a venue with high ceilings, to avoid having your photographs come out cramped or crowded.

If choosing an outdoor venue, try to make the most of the sun. Pick a venue with a beautiful skyline, where the bride and groom can enjoy a few good candid moments and be lucky enough to be shot while enjoying the sunset! Take advantage of natural light as much as you can. Make sure your photographer can provide direction and handle taking a good set of beautiful shots in natural lighting.

3. Décor –

Have soft candles, paper lanterns, hanging flowers or any other cute forms of light at your wedding. Chalkboards are also a great way to decorate an entrance! Personalize it with greenery or a flower garland and chalk away.

Wedding decorations are beautiful and add life to any event. The more the better, wedding photographers can capture some great photogenic moments of the guests alongside the décor. 

4. Tasteful colours

Wedding colours have a major impact when it comes to a photogenic wedding. Pick colours that are lively and vibrant, such as teal, light green, yellow, royal blue or violet. Make sure these colours are also part of the table settings or go well with a few of your close family members or friends. Let the colour you choose be a part of many areas of the venue.

5. Look for the right accessories to accent your look –

The right accessory goes a long way. For those perfectly gorgeous wedding pictures, it is essential you choose your accessories carefully. You may like anything but choose the one which goes well with your attire and face cut. If you have this sorted, every photograph captured will complement your look instantly.

6. Makeup trial  –

Be extra prepared and choose to have a hair and makeup trial before your big day. This will allow you to see how your wedding look will turn out.  This can help you get more comfortable in your wedding day look and can will give you a sense of how to pose for photographs with this look as well.

We suggest you try on makeup and then get photographed as a trial. This will tell you how you will look on the camera after applying the makeup. Sometimes, makeup can look good in real life but not so much on the camera.

But most importantly, be happy, stay hydrated, smile and have fun. Feel special, be confident and be you. Remember, a happy couple is what makes a wedding look great. So, enjoy your big day and have a great time!

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