Considering the option of Live Streaming a wedding has not only proven handy but is now a safer option for many. But what is Live Streaming? 

Live Streaming means broadcasting of live video to the audience with the help of the internet. The media is transmitted while it is recorded, allowing viewers to watch or listen to it in real-time.

Live Streaming services have become an increasingly popular choice amidst the COVID pandemic. Loved ones who are away from the family still get to be a part of their special day, thanks to technology. 

If you are considering opting for Live Streaming services, we’ve laid out everything you need to know right here:

How does Live Video Streaming work?

The process of live streaming begins with a camera. Whatever the camera records, a cable connected to it will carry it to the encoder system. Here, the encoder converts the entire content and airs it through the internet.

Simple said, content is taken from a camera, encoded, and streamed through the internet. 

How many people can view a Live Stream?

How many ever you want! 😊

How much does Live Streaming cost?

Each service provider has varying charges depending on the requirement. If you want to get in touch with us for a quote, you can reach out to us on

What does Live Streaming services include?

Live Streaming services usually includes a custom (microsite) link where your wedding will be streamed, a technician who will monitor the backend and a videographer who will be shooting the footage.

How to view a Live Stream?

Viewing of a live stream happens through a platform. This platform can be a social media platform or a private website platform. 

However, to ensure security, we, at Vivek Krishnan Photography, only deliver through a private website platform.

What can you do with a microsite link? How can you customize a microsite?

A microsite link is a web page that is solely created to host the event. A microsite link with the couple’s name in the URL is created by us. This link can then be shared with your loved ones.This link allows you to customise the background with your own picture, adding to a wonderful wedding feel! It also gives you the option to have a gallery where you can add more pictures. 

If a pre-wedding video has been recorded, that too can be played in the iframe, till one day before the scheduled event.

The link can also be customised and guarded with a username and password, strictly with the permission of the couple. 

How long is the Live Streaming service for?

This depends on the service provider. Our standard Live Streaming services are for about 4-5 hours. 

Can the customer request for a Live Stream recording beyond those hours? 

Yes, absolutely. We offer 4-hour slots. You can choose as many slots as you want, depending on your wedding requirements. 😊

The pricing is strictly time bound. You will only be charged as per the tenurity of the session you choose.  

What is the required internet connection speed to view a live event?

We recommend viewing a Live Stream with an internet speed of at least 1Mbps or 2Mbps. 

Who provides the internet connection?

We will be carrying internet dongles with us. You can relax and enjoy your wedding, while we take care of this! 😊

What are the supplies you carry for a good internet connection?

We carry multiple dongles with us, that help us with a steady supply of internet throughout the Live Stream recording.

What is the resolution you will get?

We have Standard Definition Streaming Services that gives you a 480-pixel clarity. Please note that this does depend on the internet network, and connectivity available  at the location .

How does one go about ensuring the connectivity speed at the location before the main event?

In case we are already familiar with the venue owing to past shoots, we already have the required information with regards to the internet speed and we are good to go.

In case, we are not familiar with the location, we would request you to check if the venue has a proper Wi-Fi connection or a wired internet connection and if the upload speed at that location is good enough for the Live Streaming to take place. 

Can we download the Live Stream recording?

For security reasons, it’s strictly a view only link and cannot be downloaded. 

Can we view this streaming even after its over?

Yes, absolutely. Once the streaming is completed, we convert the whole streaming content into a video and within 24 business hours the video will be uploaded to the same link. 

You can sit back and watch the entire video, anytime. The link is active for a span of 6 months.

What will your custom link look like?

You can view the below links and see for yourself, how the microsite will appear – 

Web Version:

Mobile Version:

What do we need from your end?

While we take care of the rest, please ensure that the venue at hand has power access. And yes, a wedding invite to your most special day! 😉

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