For many photographers in self isolation, FaceTime Photography has proven to be a haven. This art of photography was supposedly first discovered by Russian photographer, Konstantin Chalabov, during the lockdown and ever since then, we all have been hooked onto this creative option. 

FaceTime Shoot

FaceTime Photography has not only helped us maintain a perfect score at social distancing but has led many to continue dreaming on getting their perfect pre-wedding and wedding pictures.  So, how does FaceTime Photography work? If trying this at home, what does one need to keep in mind? Do we need an iPhone only? 

Well, we hear you and all we can say is, this is just as simple as any shoot. 

All you need is someone who can help you through the entire shoot and we will guide you through the rest! Read on further as we help you understand this better.

FaceTime Shoot

How to set up a FaceTime Photo Shoot? 

There is no hard and fast rule for your phone to be an iPhone. FaceTime photography works in any video calling platform. You may always resort to options like Zoom or Skype on your phone. 

All you need is a tripod and someone who can help position your phone’s camera. Make sure you have a speedy internet connection and a good two-three hours of relaxed time for this shoot to take place smoothly. 

FaceTime Shoot

How to direct a FaceTime Shoot?

Before getting to the actual process of shooting, we make sure we’ve had a quick chat with the person concerned on the kind of clothes they will be wearing, type of location (garden, terraces, sunshine spots etc.) they want to be shot in, if there is a proper well-lit spot at the chosen location, etc. 

Once we have all this information, this gives us a rough idea on the kind of photographs we would take or the kind of aesthetics we would want to capture. 

When the shoot begins, we instruct the person to place themselves under a proper lighting, or the type of background that would complement his/her clothes. 

If one is shooting at home, some of the basic things you can keep in mind is the color of your outfit you need to choose that will suit the background you are being shot in or the kind of décor you would want as your backdrop while being shot at home. 

Complimenting the background with your outfit is the key to a perfect shot, not to forget choosing a well-lit spot inside your home does the whole magic of getting that one in a million shot. 

FaceTime Shoot

Since travelling is out of the picture, FaceTime shoots are a great way to enjoy a different fun we all have been yearning during this lockdown period. It allows you to experiment with yourself, your surroundings and allows you to enjoy these moments with one or two closed ones.

If you are someone who loves to experiment, FaceTime Photography is a keeper and is meant for you. 

P.S – It’s the perfect time to capture moments and not let the current situation pull you down anymore!

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