Looking back on every wedding album we have ever seen, what have been some of the greatest moments we’ve witnessed? Those precious moments right before a bride and groom begin their new lives together. Basically, getting ready photos!

Our favorite photographs of a couple before they become partners are those that capture the excitement and nervousness that they are experiencing. From sweet anticipation to the glam and stunning transformation into a bride and groom, they’re cherished moments that we suggest all couples should capture! Hence, we bring you inspiration on the types of pictures you should definitely include in your wedding album if you are a bride and groom.

Here are some of our favorite story ideas and tips which worked for our clients at Vivek’s Photography and wish you will also like them.

5 Tips for the Perfect wedding Story you can create:

  • Start it from the beginning: Make sure you don’t miss any events. Make sure that the photography team is informed about the appropriate time to take pictures and videos. Take some photos and videos before the event starts to ensure crowdless images. Some of the best moments happen at the beginning of the event and most important family members are present during the early hours of the wedding. Plan a photoshoot with them. 
  • Get the family members all on time: Tell family members and dear ones to arrive on time to the event and to plan shots and poses with them. The kids go absolutely berserk and it is such a blast to take those pictures. Each family has its own traditions and colours used in their preparation, so it’s fun getting ready. May if you are trying a holi photoshoot during the wedding this is the best time. It is the best time to play with colours. 
  • Getting comfortable in front of the camera: In the first few minutes of the wedding, the bride and groom have a chance to get comfortable with the photographers. Someone from the family can also describe what are the most important events. Let the photographers know what you plan to do so they can capture breathtaking moments and you can show them some details.   Highlight the moments of the day and the event. Every event has its own importance. Ensure that photographers get so you can look back at the photo and feel happy. 
  • Showcase all your accessories: Indian culture holds great importance to accessories. Make sure you showcase your accessories and get the pictures taken. It’s always great to see Vivek’s Photography team involving the bride and groom’s family and friends in their photography work.
  • Brides-to-be and grooms-to-be casual portraits: Don’t forget this show-stealer. It’s the bride’s turn to be herself! Enjoy a few casual portraits before getting ready for the big day. No matter what your style is, dress or jeans, let your style shine, Vivke’s photographer will click a few photos that capture your unique personality. For the groom some casual pictures in tees will also work.

Those are our 5 ideas, tell us your thoughts and if you want someone to make your big day memorable, Vivek’s Photography can help you. Contact us for more details.

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