There is something about wedding albums that makes me nostalgic. It takes me to the time when we used to remove all our old albums during vacations and flick through our parent’s wedding albums. To date, I love wedding albums even if digital has taken over our world. There is something utterly romantic about enjoying your wedding pictures through a tangible wedding album years later, is what I have been told! And as one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore, I can vouch for that too. So I decided why not give you some fun ideas on what you can do to create a unique wedding photo album!

Top 5 Wedding Albums – Unique Ideas

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Personalized Albums – We, at Vivek Krishnan photography, love everything customized, so why not albums? You can create a cute monogram out of your initials and make it your album cover or even have something personal inscribed on the first page of the album. You can also add fun quotes and messages along with your candid wedding photographs from friends and family. It’ll be a treat for everyone who checks your wedding album now and in the future!

Coffee Table Books – As one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore I can tell you that our coffee table books are a super hit amongst the family members! Along with candid wedding photography, we also create elegant coffee table albums for your wedding photographs. These include your candid wedding photographs being printed directly on high-quality matte photo paper which is lovely to look at.

Old & the New – In this world of digital, it’s hard to stay away from digital for too long. As a candid wedding photographer, I know that weddings mean thousands of photographs especially when it’s more than a 2-day affair. How can you share all these photographs with your loved ones through a physical album? Create a box set where you can print 2-4 best candid wedding photographs and have the rest on a pen drive. If you haven’t checked it out, check out our 5 must-have candid wedding photographs in every function starting from Mehendi to the wedding so your decision will be simpler! You can also send these as a thank you gift to your family members. Don’t forget to mention your wedding #hashtag on the note!

Pocket Albums – Want to share your wedding love with your family and friends? Create pocket-sized mini albums that you can send to your loved ones. You can ask your candid wedding photographer to pick 10-15 best images that can be added to these pocket albums. As a candid wedding photographer, I can guarantee you that these cute, fun, and easy-to-carry pocket albums will be a total treat!

Love Story Album – This is similar to the personalized album but with a fun twist. Leave a few pages empty at the start and at the end – fill the pages in between with your wedding photographs. You can fill the pages at the start with pictures from the time before your wedding and at the end, put in photographs as your marriage progresses. This will create a neat but romantic love story album. You can also include personal messages and dates from the times you shared together. As one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore, after the coffee table book, this is my favorite!

Our Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Albums

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