Pre-wedding shoots have come a long way from those early 2013 shoots where couples posed in front of iconic monuments and you captured it all. In today’s time, couples want to be themed and well-thought out ideas when it comes to pre-wedding shoots. While some want that, others want to keep it casual and fun – allowing themselves to have fun. Keeping all this in mind and executing a pre-wedding shoot is no easy task for a candid wedding photographer. So we have a list that we abide by whenever we are doing a pre-wedding shoot at Vivek Krishnan Photography. Want a sneak peek? Keep reading!

pre-wedding shoot

Understand What The Couple Wants – Most couples who want a pre-wedding photoshoot are confused between a million ideas that the internet throws at them. So, as a candid wedding photographer, it’s important to understand what they want. So meet them, dig deeper into their stories and personalities. How they met, what themes they have in mind, and if there are any remarkable moments in their relationship that you can build the pre-wedding shoot on!

Permissions – While couples may want you to do their pre-wedding photoshoot at some lavish 5-star or even the Taj Mahal, it’s not possible without permissions and licenses. Before you finalize the location and if it’s a 5-star, tell them about permissions and licensing costs which will be over and above your fees. 

Always Do A Recce – Always always do recce of the location once you have fixed it with the couple. That way you are well-prepared on the day of the shoot on where you want the couple to walk, pose, sit etcetera. Chances are that couples may want a sunrise or sunset shoot and this will save you a lot of time!

Travel – A lot of couples are opting for international destination pre-wedding shoots, so if you as a candid wedding photographer are planning to fly out, there are some things you should remember. Like packing all your gear so that you don’t miss out on a shot because you dint have a particular lens!

Ask The Couple About Their Outfits – If you are getting a professional photo shoot done, your outfits a very important. Couples tend to forget it and this may cost you good captures. Ask the couple to wear coordinated outfits and also that goes with the style of the photoshoot they want. We’ve had the bride-to-be turn up in a lehenga while the groom-to-be came in a t-shirt. Needless to say, they had to go back and change.

Changes – Speaking of changes, there are couples who want changes in between their pre-wedding sessions. Ask them to inquire and arrange for changing rooms or check into a hotel nearby where they can easily change. Going back and forth home will be very tedious for the couple and they will end up looking tired! 

Use The Burst Mode – Shooting in Burst Mode helps you catch any fleeting moments between the couple, scenes that are unexpected but can turn out amazingly because they’re natural and real.

Check The Weather – Given global warming, you can be rewarded with a downpour or even flooding any day of the year. So don’t take chances and check the weather before you zero down on a date. If possible, also keep a backup date if anything goes wrong!

Let Them Have Fun – Pre-wedding shoots started off as an opportunity for the couples to have fun before the wedding madness began. A pre-wedding shoot is one place where there is no family, no hundred relatives to meet, no obligations to fulfill – so let the couple enjoy this time and you get a chance to capture that love in their eyes!

Tell Their Love-Story Through Your Photos – Couples want a pre-wedding photoshoot for the memories, so ensure that your images do just that. Show their journey as a couple, recreating their favourite moments, delving into their imaginations, or something as simple as capturing their mannerisms and little moments on this day!

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