Everyone has a shot list for a wedding. For the uninitiated, a shot list is a list of must-have photographs that a couple creates with his and her family. While most professional candid wedding photographers know 80% of these shots, there are usually some moments in a wedding that are more important to a particular couple than others, and that’s where this shot list comes in handy. This way, we as candid wedding photographers don’t miss out on that special moment! But what couples tend to forget is creating a shot list of engagements. Engagements are the first function in your line up of events leading to the wedding. And firsts are always special! So if you are going to get engaged soon, here’s a quick guide as to what is the ultimate shot-list for your engagement event. 

A Ring-Fie – A selfie of your rings and your partner along with you! You can get this professionally shot instead of a mobile camera capture and use it to share or announce your engagement on social media. Who doesn’t love that perfect candid couple moment with your rings? 

One Black and White Shot – For a timeless, striking look to your photos, have one or a few shots of you and your partner in black and white! The contrast can be simple but will result in stunning shots.

New Family – Your engagement is when you are officially part of a new family! Ensure that you ask your candid wedding photographer to capture a beautiful family portrait along with your new family.

Golden Hour Shot – This depends on what time your engagement is taking place. But if it’s an evening soiree, do not miss out on this shot! Sunset or Golden Hour is the perfect time to capture a beautiful shot that guarantees great lighting. The red, soft hues will make for an intimate feel.

Night Time Shot – Dint make it to the golden hour? Don’t fret. Have your candid wedding photographer capture a photograph under the starry night. Use the starry sky or pretty lights (like those on a Ferris wheel, for example) to give a pop to your photographs!

Any Magnum Opus Moment – All engagement ceremonies have that one BIG moment. It can be a champagne pop, the cake cutting, or the ring ceremony itself. If you are planning on any surprise for your partner, please please inform the photographer prior (we can keep a secret!) That way they can be there when it all happens and capture it for you! 

Use The Nature – If you are getting engaged in an outdoor location or a scenic spot, use natural elements like the backdrop or a huge tree to get the most amazing images!

Take A Moment – It’s easy to get caught in all the celebrations and pomp. Ask your photographer to set aside some private time for a couple of shots of you two. You will want to have memories of this moment, years later!

While there are a number of more shots that you can include in your engagement shot list, these ones are a must-have. Have you already made your shot list? How many of these shots made it to your final list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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