As the big wedding season approaches in India, wedding photographers often face mental and physical fatigue. Though this is the time when business is booming which means consecutive shoots, weddings, pre-weddings, it can get draining. From photographing weddings every weekend to having the day-to-day admin tasks of emailing, blogging, editing, and keeping up with social media, we know that it’s not simple to keep the creative juices flowing. So we decided to share some self-care tips for all wedding photographers that we religiously follow with our team!

List Of Self-Care Tips For Wedding Photographers:

Follow A Schedule – Scheduling will help massively in the peak wedding season. Use a simple calendar app or even a scheduling app to schedule your work. Make sure you have mini breaks between your tasks, so that there is a clear balance between your workload and break time.

Breaks – Breaks don’t just mean to browse something else instead of editing! Get up from your chair every half an hour while working. If you are already on your feet, make sure you stretch your body or sit down for 2 minutes every half an hour. Your eyes will drain out from all the workload first and that’s how it all goes downhill.

Say No – It might seem impossible when the work is following in, but the truth is that you can’t do it all. So learn to say ‘no’. Instead of doing a shabby job of things later, it is better to say no at the beginning. That way you are not stressed about that extra job plus you can give more attention to the work on hand. Here are some tips that you should know before accepting a wedding photography booking.

Create A Friendly Workspace – Loving your workspace goes a long way when you are mentally drained. Create an area that is calming, inspiring, and stress-free. It should be a place where you want to come back to instead of run away from. This way you feel your best self and get the most work accomplished.

Eat The Right Foods – Weddings mean feasting on food and for photographers, it means just cramming down oily food for days. Don’t do that. Eating the right foods will help to keep your energy up. Opt for a fruit plate or salad before your dive into that buffet counter. Skip dessert if you have a back to back shoots. Have a glass of buttermilk or juice instead of constant tea and coffee. Your insides will thank you later!

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