We live in a world where every wedding is photographed and put up on social media for everyone to view. So everything that goes up needs to be trendy and beautiful. In the same way, wedding photography Trends evolves every year to bring forth trends that will break the glass ceiling, each year. So as we come to the close of the first month of the year, here are the upcoming wedding photography trends for 2022.

Wedding Photography Trends For 2022!

Wedding Photography Trends

2022 is going to be all about breaking the rules of what should be done and doing what you truly love. Couples are opting to go for no-traditional ceremonies, intimate weddings, off-beat wedding venues, and breaking awkward traditions. They are doing things that resonate with them personally instead of what the ‘society’ expects them to do. So get ready to see a lot of that in 2022!

Second Shooter –

While we spoke about this last year here, second shooters are going to see a huge surge in the next year. More couples are looking for a second shooter at their wedding, allowing photos to be captured of both the groomsmen and bride and her party to get ready.

Film Photography –

Film Photography

Everything comes back in fashion! The lost art of film photography is going to come back with a bang this year. The number of photographers going back to film, either full or part-time, is growing exponentially. We believe that analog cameras are an amazing tool to improve your technical and creative skills.

Relaxed Weddings –

Couples looking to celebrate in a more relaxed and sociable way in the upcoming year, with the focus on the people and guests and less on the details. This trend is going to see a huge shift in wedding photography as it will include lots of candid moments and crazy party images. Along with that, you will also see details being photographed in weddings as couples will want to build these memories!

Wedding Videos –

While wedding videography was always trending, you will see a shift in the way it’s put together this year. Wedding films are moving away from those typically edited ‘video-interview-speeches-video’ formats. Now it’s more about candid moments, amazing music, and of course stunning visual effects!

Dramatic Landscapes –

Gone are the days when compositions were built around a clear subject that was alienated from its surroundings by leaving a lot of white space. Moody exposures have emerged to take over the realm of beautiful landscape photos. Wedding photographers are now using the whole frame to compose their shots, making sure that no part of the end result can be perceived as dull. What was previously considered bad weather is now seen as the perfect opportunity to make some jaw dropping shots of the couple!

Vertical Photographs –

While we may not abide by this trend completely, this is going to shake the market. In 2022, nearly three-quarters of the total internet traffic is forecast to come from mobile users. Vertical photos are much more comfortable to consume on mobile and are usually displayed at a larger scale, so we are going to see a surge of this. We believe that the orientation of the frame affects the composition so as a candid wedding photographer focus on what you want each image to elicit and the best way to capture it.

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