A photographer’s bag is an interesting bag to explore. From the gear to the little knick knacks, there is something interesting in each of its compartments. While you may believe that a candid wedding photographer’s bag may have only cameras and lights, it’s actually the opposite. Cameras are just one part of the entire gamut of things that we carry to weddings and shoots. Want to know what all we have in our bags most of the times? Keep reading!

What’s In Your camera Bag?

Camera – Sony A73 or A7R3

We never go without one of these! We work entirely on Sony cameras currently, so our first loves are either a Sony A73 or a Sony A7R3. Most of our team is comfortable on these two, so it’s the cameras that are picked up the most! 

Lenses – Prime lenses – 35mm, 85mm and 24mm

The next predictable item in our bags is lenses. A lot of people may not know but lenses are not actually part of the camera. You need different types to click a variety of shots. Every style of photography, evolves from particular lenses so we always have 35mm, 85mm and 24mm ones with us, wherever we travel! 

Flash – On Camera Flash + Off Camera Flash Godox AD200

This one’s super important! While shooting in the dark or even in a venue that has poor lighting, flashes are dead useful. We ensure that none of us travel without the On Camera Flash as well as the Off Camera Flash Godox AD200

Light modifiers – Ring Light, Strip Light, Magmod Light Modifiers

Along with your flash you need light modifiers to allow you to play with lights. A Ring Light, Strip Light and Magmod Light Modifiers are the three musketeers who are always on ride with us in our bag! 

Batteries – 3 batteries

Our camera bag has a minimum of three batteries if not more. This is a ground rule for the entire team and you would always find three spare batteries in a Vivek Krishnan Photography team member’s camera bag! 

Extra SD Cards – At least with a storage space of 256 GB

Along with spare batteries, SD cards are vitally important to having your data backed up. Ever seen photographers sitting in a middle of an event, with laptops and endless cards around them? That is when they are downloading all the information from the SD card to the laptops! 

Bottle Of Water

This one’s a no brainer! Always always have water on you, even when you know that water will be available at the event that you are shooting. Having your own bottle ensures you can move around anywhere without having to wonder about when next will you hydrate! 

Protein Bars – Eat On The Go

Ask anyone in our team and they will tell you that we are always eating on the go. That’s when protein bars or even granola bars come useful. They are easy to carry as well as eat, making it a quick and simple pick. The best part about protein bars? They fill you up instantly and for long!

Business Cards

This one is for all photographers out there who look at every event for future clientele. Having your business cards with you is a quick and easy way to creating a potential client. While we know that passing on your number is easier, but loads of times people aren’t carrying their phone or are in a hurry, making passing on your card the simplest of tasks! 

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