Destination weddings are one of the most fun type of weddings, especially if it’s an Indian wedding. But for the couple and family, destination weddings can get expensive real quick with the costs added on. And while you may manage to get everything on-site at your destination wedding, you will have to fly your wedding photographers to the location. While we have shot as well as enjoyed a number of destination weddings, we have realised that there are some things that couples forget to take in account while planning their wedding. So here are some quick tips on things that you should consider while flying wedding photographers out for a destination wedding!

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Venue Monopoly – Across India and the world, wedding venues have contracts with affiliate wedding vendors, disallowing couples to book anyone except the vendors on the panel. If you want to book someone outside, you may have to pay a hefty royalty fee. So before flying out your wedding photographers or even before booking, ensure that the wedding venue is okay with this arrangement.

Work Visa – If you are having a destination wedding out of India, there may be requirements for work permits or even work visa for wedding photographers to work there (even for a day!) You can check work visa and work permit requirements online too for all the countries and cities in the world. 

Extra Luggage – Once you have booked your wedding photographers on a plane, your work isn’t done. Wedding photographers have a huge amount of gear that comes along with them – which is super heavy and fragile. So either you ask your photographer to include that in his fees or you can self-arrange the excess luggage payment by booking it with the plane ticket!

Stay Facilities – While most of our couples accommodate us in the same hotel as the wedding venue, there are times where you are split between hotels. With back to back events and after parties that happen at the venue, it’s best if your wedding photographers are accommodated at the same hotel so that they can be there without having to travel for each event. 

Wedding Itinerary – This one is crucial! It’s very important that your wedding photographers have all the information and plan for your wedding week/days with them at least one week prior. This way the team can chalk out how they want to divide work as well as divide time for your portraits and post-wedding photos. 

Venue Restrictions – Not all wedding venues allow drone photography/videography or sometimes don’t even allow photography in some parts of the property if it’s a heritage property. Check with the venue so that you won’t have to deal with the hassle on the day of the event!

Smile on and let your wedding photography team do their brilliant work! 

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