Weddings are fun to photograph. But they also a test where you’re constantly exposed to beautiful things and happy people where everywhere you look a photo opportunity awaits. So as a budding candid wedding photographer, it is important not to get overwhelmed with the task. As a candid wedding photographer, here are some tips you might find useful on the big day.

Create a Shot List– As a budding candid wedding photographer, it is easy to get confused in the flow of events. In the very first few weddings that I shot, I was totally zapped. The energy level is so high at all events that you tend to get mesmerized by that whole landscape. That’s where a shot-list helps. This is a tentative shot list where you just need to make sure that you have captured all the important moments. You may also ask the couple to contribute to it if they have specific requirements. This way you will at least not forget to click the important moments in that chaos.

To A Recce– If possible, do a recce of the wedding venue. Visit it at the time that you are planning to shoot the event, especially if it’s open air. This will give you a fair idea of how large the space is and what kind of light is available. You can ask the couple to call you when they go to visit the venue to finalize décor or food menus, most couples are okay with you tagging along. Once you have photographed a fair amount of weddings, you can improvise on site too.

Get Inspired– As an amateur best candid wedding photographer, it’s not easy to get ideas on clicking the perfect shot. It’s the smaller details that actually add value to the album later, like a ring shot or even jewelry. So what do you do? Research and get inspired! Follow top candid wedding photographers online and see their work. Never copy, but just understand ideas and the moments they decide to capture. This will help you build your own moments in the weddings that you click. You can also speak to candid wedding photographers at various forums and award functions where you will understand their style and ideation better.

Backup Equipment– When you are a budding candid wedding photographer it’s easy to forget the details. If you are operating alone, make sure you have a laptop, chargers, memory cards, and even an extra camera along with your primary camera. You never know when you may need help/ or need an extra camera. The event isn’t going to happen again so don’t let go of the opportunity just because you weren’t prepared well.

Be Nice– This goes without saying but you may think that why do I have to be nice to people to who I am a stranger to? It’s because you are a major part of their happy day. People are more comfortable smiling at the camera when they are at ease with the candid wedding photographer. Also, happy guests mean a happy bride – which results in more references for you. Word of mouth publicity is the quickest and one of the best ways to get more work for a budding candid wedding photographer!

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