Every field changes dynamically as the day progresses and as a candid wedding photographer, you have to constantly be at par with whatever is happening with the industry at all times. Most people believe that just because you are senior wedding photography in the business, you know it all. That is so not true. You have to keep yourself relevant in the business by knowing all the latest trends and tricks of the trade. And that happens only when you make an unceasing effort towards it. Ten years ago, social media did not exist but now every second wedding photographer is on the platform. So how does one manage to keep themselves relevant and fresh? We tell you how!

Update Yourself About Your Gear and Techniques

Every month there is a new camera, new lens, or maybe a new software update available in the business. Keep yourself updated about which lens has been released, what is that latest software update by reading up online or simply subscribing to a few photography-specific magazines.

Be On Social Media

Everything happens on social media today. Some photographers chose not to display their work on social media platforms but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there. It is the fastest way to get updates on the latest happenings and trends in the online space.

Keep Reading

Just because you make it big in the photography business, don’t give up on your research. Dedicate some time every week where you check out what is happening in the business, what is getting released when. This will help you maintain a routine and keep you aware of all that is happening.

Know What Your Competition Is Doing

It is very important to know what your fellow competitors are doing. This way you know how high the benchmark is set and what you need to work towards. Keeping a track of your competition will also help you identify new trends, new editing styles, or just simply a good body of work. 

Attend Workshops and Seminars

Just because you are an established wedding photographer, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to attend any workshops or seminars. There are always going to be lots of people who are better than you, know more than you so don’t be ashamed to learn new things. Seminars and workshops are also a great way to network. You can meet new people, which is an immensely important asset in the photography business.

Challenge Yourself

To remain relevant and fresh in a stagnant crowd, you need to challenge yourself and your team once in a while. Set mini-challenges once every 4-6 months, so that you know that what your capabilities are and where you can grow. This can also work as a great team building exercise!

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