Being a candid wedding photographer gives you a certain amount of expertise in weddings. Wedding photography is one of the areas I excel in – for obvious reasons! So here are my two pence on what are the 5 photographs that you HAVE to click on your wedding day. Do note that these don’t include the usual getting ready and jewelry shots but more thoughtful shots. If you would like me to do a bigger photo list of all the smaller shots too, let me know in the comments! If you are wondering what about sangeet and Mehendi – we have a list for that too, here & here. So don’t forget to check those out too!

5 Must-Have Photographs At Your Wedding – Candid Wedding Photographer

With Your Parents – You will always have your girl squad and guy squad pictures, but at your wedding, it is important that you have one with your parents. This time is as important, if not more, to them as it is to you. Their little princess or prince is getting their happily ever after and as one of the top wedding photographers in Bangalore and a candid wedding photographer I can vouch for this – that the joy you see on their faces is unparalleled!

Décor & Venue Shots – Don’t forget to get a before and after décor and venue shot. It’s wonderful to see how a scene changes when it fills up with the people you love. And the picture in which they are putting up the décor will give you a sense of fulfillment as to how your wedding was built up in the smallest of ways.  Also, capture the food – being one of the top wedding photographers in Bangalore, if you haven’t captured a candid wedding photograph of a banana leaf with all the yummy food on it you haven’t captured food!

The Cute Traditional-After Marriage Picture – This one is cute and adorable at the same time. As one of the top wedding photographers in Hyderabad, I have seen this pose a number of times. It’s rooted in tradition and couples nowadays add their twist to it making it a real fun click.

Wedding Portrait – As a candid wedding photographer, I must say that a lot of couples forget this one. A wedding portrait is not only a must-have in your wedding album but it can also make for a really beautiful framed mantle in your new home. Also, that just-married glow is never going to come again so make sure you bask in it. This can be at your wedding mandap, maybe around the venue, or even post all the festivities are over! Take advance if your destination is gorgeous as this wedding venue.

Marriage photography in Bangalore

Signifying Your Wedding – As one of the top wedding photographers in Bangalore, I believe that there are various moments that signify the ‘wedding moment’ in a traditional wedding. It can be when the sindoor is applied when the mangalsutra is put or when you’ll are reading out your wedding vows at the altar – all couples have that one special moment. Make sure you tell your candid wedding photographer to capture that one moment for you. This simple knot before the pheras or even this cute holding of fingers signifies a happily ever after moment for me.

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