Best Professional Photography Ideas: Photographs are the window to the soul of your wedding. After years or even decades, you aren’t going to cherish the food or even your wedding lehenga but it’s going to be the photographs that will moisten your eyes! Everyone at Vivek Krishnan Photography believes that the Mehendi function is that one function that has a very casual, fun vibe to it and this is when it actually hits the bride that she is getting married! So whether you hire the best professional photographers in Goa or even the best candid wedding photographers in Goa, don’t forget to share this list of photographs that every bride must have at her Mehendi with them. Say goodbye to those clichéd shots!

Mehendi Photography ideas – List Of 5

1. Of Your Mehendi – But With A Twist!

Opt for pictures that allow you to have fun! You can get your henna clicked in the candlelight or even against the setting sun – allowing your mehendi to pop against those gorgeous sepia tones! You can also get fun pictures by photographing your mehendi in a mirror or in the reflection of water – if you have a poolside or a beach side Mehendi! Imagine the best professional photographers in Goa capturing you against a stunning sunset on a Goa beach?

5 Must Have Candid Wedding Photographs At Your Mehendi

2. With Your Guys Gang!

Everyone has pictures with their girlfriends, how about including your brothers and boyfriends in the mix? It’s an emotional moment for all your brothers too, with their sister getting married so include them in all the chaos too. Ask all the guys to get a small mehendi motif or even your wedding hashtag henna-ed on their hands and get a capture with all of them around you. It’s unique, fun, and absolutely adorable!

Candid wedding photographers in Hyderabad3. Get an outfit picture clicked

Usually, all brides opt for their wedding lehenga or outfit pictures to be clicked but I love the vibrancy of a mehendi function. It’s a very happy vibe and generally, brides opt for bright and peppy colors. Mix the floral jewelry that you are going to don on that day on top of your outfit and voila, your custom styling is done!

4. With your girl gang – who are not your bridesmaids!

All brides have a ton of photographs with friends and bridesmaids but get one clicked with your other girl gang – your mum & aunts! There is no love purer than your mum’s. You can also get a three-generation picture clicked with your mum, grandma, and you – with all three sets of hands adorned with mehendi! Have a Goa garden wedding? Plan to wear coordinating outfits with your girl gang and get the best candid wedding photographers in Goa to capture this!

5. The Crazy Shot

Brides are always expected to be shy & demure but I don’t believe that. It’s your wedding; you are supposed to have fun! So if you think that a wedding is way too much to get a crazy shot clicked, do it at your mehendi. It can be anything – jumping on your bed, making funny faces, pranking someone. Or even something like this with your groom!

Just think if you are having a beachside Mehendi at Goa and the best candid wedding photographers in Goa capture you running on the beach – what a stunning image that will be!

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