As a candid wedding photographer, I have known brides and grooms who feel the wedding days slip away so quickly that they can’t believe it’s over. It takes months of planning that finally leads to your dream wedding. And at the end of it all, you only have cherished memories and pictures to look back to. And as one of the top wedding photographers in Bangalore, I can vouch that the sangeet night is one night where the best (and the craziest!) memories are made. That’s when the best pictures are clicked! So here is my list of 5 must have photographs at your sangeet.

Dancing Under The Stars – You have to have this picture with your beau! Sangeet is a night of dancing and a lot of chaos but doesn’t forget to get a quiet shot of you dancing under the stars with your hubby. Remember this tip from a candid wedding photographer, get this clicked apart from the dance performance you’ll indulge in! Its that moment where you look into each other’s eyes and the world ceases to exist!

candid wedding photographer

Lone Shot – All brides love their getting ready shots, but I prefer to save that one for the wedding day. Get an alone shot of yourself on the sangeet day – before getting ready, mid-ready, or even after you get ready. And let’s not forget the grooms too! There is a certain serenity in a bride just quietly looking out of the window or a groom just checking the time.

With Your Girls – I am sure this one is already on the list of every bride to be and in my list of every wedding function. And as the best wedding photographer in Bangalore, I can vouch for the fact that it doesn’t happen in one take – as the picture with your girls has to be perfect from all angles and everyone has to look perfect!

Popping The Bubbly – Sangeets are nights to let loose and have a blast before all the wedding rituals take place. Most of the sangeets have cocktails and as any top wedding photographers in Bangalore would suggest, I suggest a shot of popping the bubbly is a must-have on your list of sangeet photographs!

Diva Of The Night – Every bride is a diva at her wedding but sangeet is the night where all the dancing kind of puts it in the spotlight. I love to capture a bride in her element on the dance floor on a sangeet night as she is all about grace, beauty, and a certain glam pizzazz! So, don’t forget to get this one for your sangeet list.

What do you think are photos that you would put on your sangeet list? Comment below and let me know!

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