For many brides, it’s traditional to have a bridal Photoshoot done before the wedding begins. We at Vivek Krishnan Photography love this because it gives us the ultimate time to click all sorts of lovely pictures of the bride. You, as a candid wedding photographer also get to photograph her when she is feeling perhaps the most beautiful she’s ever felt. But this requires a little prep beforehand. Here are our 5 top Tips For a Bridal Shoot and tricks from a wedding photographer to ensure that you get the best photographs ever!

Create A Mood Board – Every bride to be as a vision of how she wants to look on her wedding day. By creating and sharing a mood board, you as a bride are allowing your candid wedding photographer into that vision. You can create it on Pinterest or even simply cut pictures from magazines or whenever you may have seen them from. By even allowing your photographer to see this, they will get a huge perspective on how you want this shoot to happen!

Different Facial Expressions – Brides are expected to smile. Always! Break that rule and give a series of different and unique facial expressions to your photographer to click. A serene look with your bridal veil or dupatta pulled over your face makes for a timeless bridal portrait!

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Get Your Beauty Rest – One of the best tips a bride can have is to be well-rested. No one looks or feels their best if they are tired. Make sure you have all the wedding details taken care of well in advance of the wedding day so that you are not stressed out with last-minute craziness.

Toss Items – We always talk about having a garment that moves so you can create movement. But we can also understand that as a bride you may have restrictions on the type of clothes you pick. So include some toss items in your shoot. Confetti, flower petals, paper planes, rice, the list can go on and on! These pictures radiate bliss, excitement, and result in genuine smiles and laughter from you.

Getting Ready Space – If you want your ‘getting ready’ pictures to be a part of your bridal photoshoot, make sure you have enough space for you, your photographer as well as your bridal hair and makeup team. De-clutter the room before your photographer arrives. Find a beautiful space to get dressed in with available natural light, so you and your surroundings look their best.

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