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Candid Wedding Photographers Says 5 Must Have Photographs At Your Wedding

Being a candid wedding photographer gives you a certain amount of expertise in weddings. Wedding photography is one of the areas I excel in – for obvious reasons! So here are my two pence on what are ...

January 21, 2022 / Candid Wedding Photography
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Top 10 Wedding Details That Must Be Captured In A Wedding Album!

When it comes to wedding photography in Hyderabad, nothing is ever enough. From posed to candid photography, there are umpteen moments that need to be captured. But there are a few details that ...

January 20, 2022 / Wedding photography blog
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5 Best Professional Photography Ideas In Your Mehandi Event

Best Professional Photography Ideas: Photographs are the window to the soul of your wedding. After years or even decades, you aren’t going to cherish the food or even your wedding lehenga but it’s goi...

January 19, 2022 / Candid Wedding Photographers in Bangalore
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Awesome Alternatives To The Traditional Photo Booth!

Who doesn’t love a photo booth? We certainly do! There’s something so fun about grabbing props and jumping with your friends. But do you think that the traditional photo booths at weddings have got bo...

January 19, 2022 / Wedding photography blog

Arranged Marriage? How to Get a Pre-wedding Photo-shoot?

Hi, I am Vivek Krishna, in my career as a professional wedding photographer, I have met so many couples and one of the first things I try to gauge is their comfort levels with each other. This helps m...

January 18, 2022 / Pre Wedding Photo Shoot
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Don’t Miss Out On These Wedding Photography Shots!

At Vivek Krishnan Photography, we rarely adhere to a list of photographs. We believe that as one of the leading candid wedding photographers in the country, what makes great wedding photography is act...

January 17, 2022 / Wedding photography blog