Indian weddings are an out of the world experience, every year. While weddings take place across the year, there are two months of the year when there is a wedding explosion on everyone’s calendars. And these two months are November and December. Every year these months see an endless parade of weddings that take place all over the country. So what is so special about these months that almost everyone wants to get married in this time frame? Let’s find out!

Start Of The Season – November is the first month, post the monsoons and Diwali, when weddings are planned in. So all the families who are waiting to catch the first date available, book whatever comes their way! Jokes apart, since venues get booked out pretty early on, most families and couples want to book the first date that is available instead of waiting out, which is usually in November. 

Weather – The weather plays an extremely crucial role while planning a wedding. No one wants their makeup drenched or their guests. November and December see the best weather conditions across the country. It’s cold, yet not freezing and perfect to have an outdoor wedding in!

Time Of the Year – End of the year brings out the festive joy in everyone! Diwali and Christmas both are at the end of the year when everyone is in celebration mode. It’s also a time where are lot of families come together for get-togethers and events. This is the perfect time to have a wedding so that your guests enjoy along with you! 

Religious Beliefs – Most weddings in India happen only after the guruji/panditji/religious heads gives a go ahead for the date. And most muhurats (holy dates) are clustered around the November to February belt, making it one of the biggest reasons why we see a surge in weddings in November and December. 

Holiday Season – If you notice all our NRI couples that get hitched in India, tie the knot around December. That is because most offices across the globe are closed in account for Christmas, making it the ideal time to combine your wedding leave. The global holiday season accounts for this rise in the number of weddings during these months.

Lighting – If you have to ask us in terms of photography, these two months are a blessing when it comes to wedding photography. The sun isn’t too harsh like the summer nor is it cloudy like monsoon, making it ideal to stand and do our jobs without being drenched in sweat or rains!

Are you planning to tie the knot in November and December too? Congratulations and let us know in the comments on what are the factors that helped you close on these months!

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